Blog  Torah and Flour!?

Torah and Flour!?

 by Becca Huntting, Machon Unit Head

 This past week, while the Machon were creating programs that they will soon run for the younger units, they stumbled into a great opportunity. Rabbi Joel Simon, in discussing one of his favorite topics in the Talmud, began writing a song. The Machon, being the amazingly creative and proactive unit they are, quickly joined in and not long after an original song was completed. With the musical talent and direction of Rabbi Simon and Coleman’s head song leader, Seth Zimmerman, the Machon were able to perform their song at the rededication of the Hillman Chapel days later. The song discusses how the foundation of something is needed before their can be a finished and useful product. The Machon unit is proud and honored to have been a part of this song’s foundation and look forward to singing it in many services and song sessions to come. Enjoy!

Words and Music by the 2012 Machon with Rabbi Joel Simon (Associate Rabbi at Congregation Schaarai Zedek, Tampa, FL) and Seth Zimmerman.
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Im Ein Kemach

Hebrew text from Mishna Avot 3:2

Im ein kemach, ein Torah

Im ein Torah, ein kemach

Im ein kemach, ein Torah

 Im ein Torah… ein kemach


We need power before we turn on the light.

We need a floor to stand on before we stand for what’s right.

We need fertile soil before there are seeds to sow.

We have to work the field before our plants will grow.

Im ein kemach…

We have to buy the ball before we play the game.

We have to practice hard before we earn the fame.

We have to build a house before we live in the home.

Learn to live with each other before there can be SHALOM.

Im ein kemach…


Without flour there can’t be bread

If we can’t feed each other, the Torah can’t be read.

A life without morals isn’t life at all.

When body and soul are both fed well, we can stand up tall.

Im ein kemach…



If there is no flour (sustenance) there is no Torah.  If there is no Torah, there is no flour (sustenance).