Blog  The Lion King: The Circle of MAC

The Lion King: The Circle of MAC

by Jordan Sison, Samantha Krantz, and Lina Miller, Chalutzim Campers

This year for Maccabiah the Yellow Timons and the Red Pumbas came together y’ad b’yad (hand in hand) as they tried to rescue Simba in The Lion


King: The Circle of MAC. As MAC proceeded, each of the hyenas slowly learned the Jewish values of Coleman and decided to help find Simba. Actitivities and competitions between the Timones and Pumbas helped bring the teams together.

The challenges started with “Rafiki’s Challenge,” also known as Mac-a-Bowl [quiz bowl]. Both yellow and red showed great knowledge of Coleman. Tug-o-War was followed by the “Wildebeast Stampede” or the Marathon. Activities ranged from singing “Call Me Maybe” to passing and stacking. Soon after, the “Rumble in the Jungle” (Machon dance) was a big hit, and knockout and Scattergories were a great competition for both teams. The “Jungle Boogie” (Mac-a-Jam) was a giant dance party and

Singing the Alma Mater!

everyone- whether yellow, red, or tie-dye [judging team]- had a blast!

The exciting “watermelon, cantaloupe, oh baby burn that rope” was much anticipated. “The Roar of the Lion” (Entrance, or team skit) was entertaining, while the “Hakuna Alma-Mata” (team songs) was exhilarating to listen to. “Can You Feel the Plaque Tonight?” (team plaques) was the icing on the cake with both plaques connecting to form the shape of a circle for the Circle of MAC.

The Plaques Join Together


In between all these fantastic activities, each unit competed in games such as dodgeball and ultimate Frisbee. In the end the Red Pumbas won, but they joined with the Yellow Timones and tie-dye team to become one community and finished the day with a heartwarming Shabbat.

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