Blog  Road Rules: Tallahassee

Road Rules: Tallahassee

by Sara Beth Berman, Nadiv Educator and Program Director

Coleman has the greatest staff!  Just in case you weren’t sure, I have evidence.  In Tallahassee this past weekend, I was joined by four awesome staff members, Jeremy Matson, Jordan Kerben, Amy Nicotra and Alexa Schram, as we talked to the Temple Israel community about how great Camp Coleman is.  When faced with technical difficulties that created a 5-minute delay in showing our camp video, our super star staff, decked out in many different Coleman staff shirts, was to the rescue.  One of the Temple Israel teachers suggested we teach a song, and teach we did.  “Singing in the Rain” never sounded so good!  Thumbs out, elbows in!

After watching the video, our staff fielded questions about camp life, from cabins to activities, and even fielded serious questions about how we proactively approach group bonding and dynamics as a way to prevent any sort of bullying.

After Temple Israel, Amy, Alexa and I spoke with a number of participants at a Florida State Hillel “Give Back Brunch” and Mitzvah day.  From former campers to potential future staff members, it was great to talk about camp with the active FSU Hillel community.  As I kept saying in Tallahassee, our staff members are really cool, and it was a special treat to have them join me for this presentation.  Can’t wait to see our new Temple Israel friends at Coleman this summer!