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Celebrating 20 Years

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Bobby and Donetta with their 20th anniversary certificates.

The Union for Reform Judaism recognizes employees on their milestone anniversaries, and Camp Coleman is so fortunate to have two incredible people recognized for working at Camp Coleman for 20 full years: Bobby Harris, our Camp Director, and Donetta VanHuss, our Bookkeeper. Below are pieces that appeared in the URJ’s 2012 Staff Tribute Journal, and please feel free to share your memories in the comments!

Bobby’s vision for Camp  Coleman, his leadership, warmth and compassion for kids has made him one of the truly outstanding camp directors in all of North America. Bobby is admired and respected by his peers in the field. When riding around camp with Bobby on a golf cart, every camper encountered wants a “high five” as Bobby adds words of encouragement. It is a thrill to witness a professional who is deeply dedicated to his work and the emotional, physical and spiritual welfare of every camper and staff member. At camp you see the product of his kindness and caring, you see young lives shaped and transformed by a great educator and mensch. Congratulations to Bobby for twenty wonderful years. May we all be blessed by his continued excellence and integrity.
—Paul Reichenbach, Director of URJ Camp and Israel Programs

What a genuine pleasure it is to share with the entire URJ Staff about the 20 years that Donetta Van Huss has served URJ Camp Coleman. When Donetta first came to Coleman in March of 1992, she was a private contractor who helped small businesses maintain their financial records and Camp Coleman was just one of her accounts. However, as Camp Coleman grew so did Donetta’s attachment to the people and mission of Camp Coleman and she eventually decided to work full-time with the camp—of course we were and remain absolutely thrilled.

It is hard to find the appropriate words to express just how significant Donetta has been to our Coleman community and especially to her co-workers. Donetta has many qualities that a supervisor looks for in an associate- professional, kind, fun, devoted, hardworking, principled, supportive, loves learning, spiritual. She is lovingly devoted to her family members and shares stories with us of the wonderful trips and holidays that they celebrate together—in this way, she also teaches many of us how to appropriately balance work and home without compromising on
either end.

It is said in the Talmud that “more than a place honors a person, a person honors the place”. Every day that Donetta works at Coleman she brings our camp love, devotion, excellence, and honor. Thank you Donetta for an amazing 20 years!
—Bobby Harris, Director of URJ Camp Coleman