Blog  NEW Camp Construction Update

NEW Camp Construction Update

by Bobby Harris, Camp Director

Those of us who work year-round for Coleman are frequently asked “what do you do the rest of the year?” Here are just a few things that we have been cooking up  for improvements in quality of camp living for this summer—

4_2 construction

Main Cabin Area– New Fiberglass Showers added to 28 cabins

Elisheva– New Public Bathrooms, New Staff Living Quarters, New Patio and accessible stairway—we retained the “old art room”

Specialist Dormitory- 10 New Private Double Rooms and Private Baths for our wonderful staff

Swimming Pool- New decking, new pool surface, new tile edge, and many other improvements

Drama Room- Brand New Floor

In time remaining, we are still hoping to finish many more improvements including adding improvements to the kitchen, aquatic Zipline, Elisheva stage, and much more.

Each year, each day, we ask “How can we build upon the Coleman experience and make it even better and more enjoyable for everyone?”

We hope you will like it!