Blog  A Letter to Coleman Alumni (and Contest!)

A Letter to Coleman Alumni (and Contest!)

Dear Fellow Camp Coleman Alumni,

Want to come back to Camp and enjoy Shabbat in the Hillman Chapel, eat Nellie’s delicious fried chicken, and spend a lazy day hanging out in camp? How about leave your permanent mark on a 12×12 brick at Camp?

We need to grow our network. I’m working with the Camp team to get in touch with and connect more alumni from the past 50 years of Coleman’s history, and to do this we need your help.

tan brick

Sample of a 12×12 personalized brick

Camp is going to give away a free trip to Camp next summer (including a hotel room in Helen) and a 12×12 personalized tan concrete brick at Camp (valued at $1000- see an example on the right) to the two people who are most able to help us build our network.

Here is how it works. Get your Coleman alumni contacts to sign up through a form on our website to stay connected and say that you referred them. The two people with the most referrals will each get one prize. *We are interested in connecting with any friends of Coleman you think would be interested in hearing about Coleman news– these could be camper and/or staff alumni, SEFTYites who came to SEFTY camp, or parents of former Coleman campers and staff. Alumni who registered for the reunion will not count towards referrals since they receive updates already.

How should I reach out? You can use any and all methods of contact that you’d like! From phone to email to social media outlets, get the word out any way you’d like. Here is a sample of what you can write in an email or post on Facebook:

Hey (insert name or Camp Coleman alumni)! Camp Coleman just celebrated its 50th anniversary of memorable summers, and they’re trying to reconnect with alumni from all generations of Coleman. They want to make sure that everyone is included in communications about what’s going on at Coleman, future alumni events, reconnecting with old camp friends and counselors, and the 55th or 60th anniversary celebration. Sign up through this form on their website to get connected!

In addition to the two grand prizes, any alumni that get ten or more others to sign up will receive a memento from Coleman. We’ll be running this contest until August 31, so get the word out and show that Coleman spirit!

I reconnected with Camp Coleman, as an alum, in 2008. Reconnecting with old friends and making new friends, for me, is the best part of getting involved with Coleman as an alum. Sure, it is great to hear updates about camp, and see the summer sessions play out on Facebook, or via newsletters, but the real magic, for me, is to have a network of friends and colleagues with whom I can connect. Like-minded people who share a special place in our hearts, and, in our memories, for Jewish summer camping. My best friends are my camp friends, and I’m glad to be reconnected with them.

Adam Tabachnikoff (Camper, Staff 1980-1990, Camp Committee 2008-2013)