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Oh the Memories


You don’t know me, but I know you. I attended Camp Coleman for a few summers along with my younger brother a while back around 2000 or so, my name can be found on the “Mens” 8B, Styrax board on the wall in the cabin. Funny how you remember some things off the top of your head when you are putting it on paper. I never had the opportunity as a camper to really express my appreciation and gratitude for what you do for these kids. I actually did, I was just too young to know or care. Camp Coleman was among the best times of my life and I am still in contact with several cabin mates after over 10 years! I somehow managed to end up on the Camp Coleman website and watched the small video on the home page in its entirety. Oh what memories were sparked by the backgrounds and buildings that I saw. It looks like everyone is having just as good a time as we did back in the day.

I come from a small town in central Florida where I was among the very few Jewish kids in my schools. I was never embarrassed as the minority but never really opened up until I got to Coleman. I was able to be around peers with similar views and beliefs. This was amazingly comforting since I had never had that feeling, that mutual respect for my fellow peers. Since then, I have been openly Jewish and proud of my heritage. I just really want to take a moment and tell you thank you, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. You are a mensch and someone who I hope my children will have the opportunity to meet when I send them to Coleman to experience everything that I had the wonderful chance to. Keep on keeping on and continue the good work, toda lecha.

If there was any message that I could relate to your campers, to my old self in the moment: Enjoy your time at Coleman, really truly live for the experience because there is nothing like it. Enjoy each day as a new opportunity and every person as your brother/sister from now on.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew B.