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Where the Wild Things MAC

Maccabiah is here! For the next two and a half days the campers and staff at Camp Coleman will be participating in an all-camp color war through sports competitions, artistic challenges, some comedic competitions, and lots more! We will update our Facebook and Twitter pages with some happenings as MAC progresses. Below is the story line for this session’s MAC:

A scene from Maurice Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are

The Island of the Wild Things has long been plagued by fighting. They receive notice from a Magical Owl that a dangerous and powerful monsoon will hit the island in two days. They decide to protect themselves by constructing a fort. However, disagreements continue, as two Wild Things, Carol and K.W., disagree as to which type of wood to use to build the fort. The monsters’ mutual destruction and perpetual fighting has left the island barren, and only two types of tree remain that may be used to build the fort, Yellowwoods and Redwoods. Carol thinks that they should use yellow wood, due to the fact that it is sturdier and will better withstand winds and possible tornadoes; meanwhile, K.W. advocates using red wood, which is characteristically a better insulator from the rain and will provide a better shelter. The rest of the monsters on the island are split between the two options. The argument escalates and neither group is willing to compromise.

The Wild Things are in the midst of this argument when Max steps in, seeing the rumpus evident on the island and hoping to help them solve it. He promises the Wild Things a solution that will lead to harmony. Max suggests that they decide which type of wood to use through a series of friendly forest games. The winner of each event will receive a piece of its respective type of wood, and whichever team has the bigger pile at the end of the competition will win the challenge and the rights to choose which type of wood to use. The monsters agree and hail Max as their new king.

As the Wild Things leave to prepare for their competitions, Alexander, a level-headed and wise monster, approaches Max. He accuses Max of not being a real king, just a young boy (“If you’re a king, where’s your crown?”). Max reveals that Alexander that the friendly competition is actually a plan to bring the monsters together and stop their incessant fighting. Their desire to compromise through the friendly competition reveals that they seek to form a true kehila kedosha, or holy community. By the end of the competition, he will convince the teams to use woods of both colors to build the fort, thus making it both sturdy and insulated. By working as a community, the Wild Things will succeed in ways that would have been impossible otherwise.