Blog  Bonim/Chalutzim Buddies

Bonim/Chalutzim Buddies

by Robbie Berg, Bonim Unit Head

Monday night was one of my favorite programs at camp — Bonim/Chalutzim Buddies Night! After eagerly awaiting to find out their buddies throughout the day, the Bonim campers were each matched with a Chalutzim buddy (or buddies). After getting to know each other, they competed together in a series of Wacky Olympic events, dressed in their wackiest attire, of course.  What I love so much about Buddies Night is the effect it has on both the Bonim and Chalutzim campers.  The Bonimers look up to their buddies immensely and are so excited to have older campers hang out with them.  But the Chalutzimers also rise to the occasion and serve as excellent role models for our future Chalutzim 2019 and 2020.  One Bonim camper who was shy at first lit up when she got her buddy, and couldn’t stop smiling the entire night. It’s in moments like these where we hope the older campers realize the impact they have on camp. The buddies will continue to participate in activities throughout the session and see each other at meal times and rest hours, too, to keep building their awesome new friendships.