Blog  Stepping Up Against Bullying Part 2- Video

Stepping Up Against Bullying Part 2- Video

This summer our Olim Fellows took on a project they were passionate about based on what they experienced during last year’s Olim Fall Kallah. Below is an excerpt from a blog post written by Second Year Fellow Ali Gates (you can view the entire post here) as well as a culminating video filmed and edited by Lotem Eilon, Video Specialist, and Alex Novell, Summer 2013 Machon participant, of the activities from Coleman’s “Step Up Against Bullying Day”.

L to R: Ali Gates, David Long, Tina Long,

L to R: Ali Gates, David Long, Tina Long,

…On Thursday, July 24, 2013 Coleman held a “Step Up Against Bullying” day. Throughout the day campers watched short clips about patronus (the idea comes from the Harry Potter series- a spark or something that protects them), an Amy Poehler clip answering a question about standing up to bullying and had a worship service where campers got to take three prayers and relate them to being an “Upstander” for peace and kindness and against bullying rather than being a bystander. During services the Long family walked around and met with our teenage Units- Tsofim, Nachshonim and Kesher. Campers got the unique opportunity to meet the Longs and ask questions and answer sessions with the family.

After services I got to lead a special program for our Machon (counselors in training). They got a chance to hear the Long family’s story, ask questions and realize that they too contribute to the power of ONE. ONE counselor, ONE camp, ONE community…
You can read the entire blog post here.