Blog  Always Pass On the Lessons Learned

Always Pass On the Lessons Learned

by Kara Hoffman, Solelim Programmer

This past Shabbat, as I had the chance to reflect on the V’ahavta prayer, I recognized it as a rule book. It is a list of instructions on how to follow G-d’s orders and how to be a good Jew. Over the past two years since I began working at Coleman, I have striven to follow this rule book. I’ve passed on Jewish and life lessons to the next generation with the hope that one day they will do the same. This year, as a Programmer for the Solelim (6th grade) unit, I will continue to follow the rule book that is the V’ahavta, but…I will also break the rule book that is my own. I will continue to teach, but I will be innovative. I will strive to inspire, as well as be inspired. I will continue the cycle of the camper to staff role model continuum, as well as play my own role to positively affect the lives of campers and staff. This summer I will embark on a new path: a path in which camp is not just a way to spend the summer, but a career in which to invest my life. As you go about your week I ask that you think of the rules you have created for yourself that are meant to be broken. Take risks. Break your own rules. And always…always pass on the lessons learned.