Blog  26 Reasons To Be Excited For Camp This Summer

26 Reasons To Be Excited For Camp This Summer

by Leah Pardue, Camp Coleman Staff Member

1. Finding out who is in your cabin


 Every camper has experienced the feeling of excitement when he/she pulls up to the dining hall to find out who is going to be in his/her cabin.

2. Meeting your awesome staff



The staff will make sure you have the best summer ever! They might be a little silly at times, but being silly is part of what makes camp so much fun.

3. Nelly’s chicken patties



Everyone that has been to camp knows what’s for dinner the first night.. CHICKEN PATTIES! Wooohoo! If this is your first time at camp get excited because you are in for a treat. Rumor on the street has it that they are better than Chick-fil-a’s.

4. Morning song session

song session 2


It might be a slow morning but once you hear the sound of the guitar you know its time to get on your feet and dance like no one’s watching.



Who doesn’t love a good game of Gaga during sports?

6. Lake days


On a hot day there is nothing is better then jumping in the lake to cool off or go canoeing with friends. You know what else that means right?! FREE SWIM

7. Archery


This is the time where you can let your inner Katniss shine.

8. Chocolate pita


You know there’s chocolate pita to be made when you see a line from the fire pit all the way to the Ulam Katan during Mandatory Optionals.

9. Becoming a leader


Whether it’s leading your cabin in an activity or leading the camp in services everyone has a chance to be a leader at Camp Coleman.

10.Super sloppy


At camp there are many fun activities planned, and super sloppy night is the one night where it’s acceptable to get as messy as you can.

11. Camping


At camp there are always new adventures to go on. Even if one night sleeping on the ground may seem hard, the S’more definitely makes up for it.

12. Shabbat


shhha-buba-buba-buba-buba Shabbat Shalom.. ooooo weeeee shabbat shalom. Shabbat Shalom! It’s almost that time of year again to pull out all your Shabbat whites and get ready for the Shabbat walk. This is when the whole camp gathers and walks to the dining hall to kick off the Sabbath. It wouldn’t be Shabbat without….

13. Apple brown betty


If your mouth doesn’t start watering by just reading those three words then are you really a true Colemanite?

14. Shabbat song session


After Shabbat services the camp heads to the dining hall for a special song session. You can almost guarantee to hear “Wonderwall” and “The Hope” played AT LEAST once.

15. Tie dye


If all your white clothing doesn’t go back home tie dyed did you even go to camp?

16. Color War AKA Maccabiah AKA MAC



Hakshivu! Hakshivu Na who’s gonna win Maccabbiah?!

17. Jewish cooking


The Jewish Cooking room is a place where campers can let their inner Jewish parent out and learn how to cook some yummy Jewish treats.

18.Letter lotto


LETTER LOTTO! LETTER LOTTO! Make sure to write home for your chance to win a prize at the letter lotto!

19. Sports


Camp is the one place where you can play your favorite sport or try a new one!

20. Ultimate Frisbee


One might think that this is just a game of “normal” Frisbee, but oh it’s so much more.

21. Ropes course


Where else can you zip line across the lake or swing in-between the trees on a giant swing?

22. White water rafting

white water

What could be better than catching some gnarly rapids with your camp friends?

23. Yom kef (day of fun)


Those who decide to stay at camp instead of going white water rafting get to experience Yom Kef (Day of Fun)! This day is filled with fun water activities and blow up sides!

24. Coleman Rocks


Have you always wanted to be in a rock band? Then great!! Sign up for the Coleman Rocks rotation and you can show off your talent to the whole camp at the Coleman Rocks show!

25. Machon Carnival


Each session the Machon unit puts on a carnival with cotton candy, a dunking station, a blow up obstacle course and lots of other fun carnival activities.

26. Seeing your friends and making new ones


Last but not least get excited to see your old friends and make new ones! Everyone that has been to camp knows that you and your camp friends will forever share a special bond.