Blog  Planning for an Amazing Summer

Planning for an Amazing Summer

by Beth Blick, First Session Transportation Coordinator and Camper Parent

The first campers to arrive at the airport on Opening Day!

The first campers to arrive at the airport on Opening Day!

Camp Coleman is focused around four concepts:

kehillah – community

shalom – peace

chesed – kindness

kavod – respect

Everything the campers do at Coleman is centered on activities and teachable moments that help kids connect to these ideas.  These philosophies are not just words; they are a way of life at camp, and hopefully, outside of camp too.

Last year, my first year on staff as a specialist, I was able to see how the counselors made these concepts very real to their campers.  I saw other specialists teaching sports while implementing the ideas of community, kindness, and respect…sometimes even peace.  I was so captivated by the movement of young people helping other young people implement these Jewish values into their everyday lives.  I was also able to witness the carry over to home life with my own child.  I kept telling counselors and specialists how impressed I was with their dedication and their modeling of these values.

This year, I found out where this implementation came from.  This year, my second year on staff as the Transportation Coordinator, I was able to take part in staff week.  I was able to see what went on behind the scenes.  I was privileged to witness these young people being prepared to teach and counsel our children.

It has been remarkable to see all of the planning that goes into getting ready for the campers.  The planning leads to an extremely prepared staff, and that prepared staff is able to implement kehillah, shalom, chesed, and kavod seamlessly and with intent.  This preparedness is the best combination of all four of the values Coleman is based on, and this shows through in everything that happens here.  It also leads to a great, fun, safe, happy, and amazing summer!