Blog  The Best Place to Pray: T’fillahpalooza at Camp Coleman

The Best Place to Pray: T’fillahpalooza at Camp Coleman

by Molly Glazer, Assistant Program Director

T’fillah is always interesting at Camp Coleman, but this past Thursday it was taken to a new level. Campers participated in T’fillahpalooza, a “choose your on prayer experience extravaganza.” Campers were given 13 different services to choose from and were able to make their own decisions about which service they attended. There were so many different ways to spend the evening! The options included:

  • Guided Meditation with Rabbi Dan Levin
  • Feel the Freedom, a service about the 4th of July and Judaism with Rabbi Andy Rosencranz
  • Spotify Service with Rabbi Brad Levenberg
  • My Prayer is My Art, a collage making t’fillah, with Rabbi David Spinrad
  • The Best Place in the World to Pray with Rabbi Robert Haas
  • Mindfulness, a meditation and visualization service, with Melinda Agron
  • Creation Through Improv, improvisation and drama service, with Rachel Glazer
  • Acoustic pop hits and t’fillah with Emily Groff, song leader
  • Songwriting Service with Eva Leiberman, song leader
  • Movement and Prayer with Rabbi Bradly Solmsen
  • Metapalooza, a meditation service in Campscape, with Melinda Murphy
  • Songs of Israel with Preston Neimeiser, head song leader
  • Praying through the Stories of our People with Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser

Our staff and faculty worked hard to develop fun, interesting and new t’fillah for this exciting day and it was a huge success. Each camper ranked the services they were the most interested in and were able to attend a service they wanted to experience. T’fillah was everywhere around camp, from the ropes course to the Minsky to the Brody. Campers were able to try new things and see that prayerful moments can happen anywhere.

At Camp Coleman we like to give our campers choices during Mandatory Optionals and Chofesh, and we are so excited that they now have the chance to choose the way they pray. T’fillahpalooza was a great success because of the smaller, more intimate groups and the fact that our campers found something that spoke to them. They meditated, made collages, sang, jumped, created, and explored camp. During Rabbi Haas’s service the participants looked for the “Best Place to Pray.” Our campers agreed that the best place to pray is with friends in a place you love and we are so happy that Camp Coleman can be that place this summer. We can’t wait for the next T’fillahpalooza second session!