Blog  Kochavim Evening Program: Session 2

Kochavim Evening Program: Session 2

by Charlotte Passmore, Photographer and Communications Specialist

Kochavim has also been getting involved in their own Evening Programs like Bonim has, but instead their theme has been focused on ‘K’lal Yisrael’ (translates to “All of Israel”). In case you need a recap, this theme revolves around Campers connection to Israel and all of Jews around the world! I wanted to find out what Ashley Englander (Kochavim Programmer) has done differently this session to ensure evening activities for Kochavim Campers relate to their given theme. Here are some Programs that she gave me examples of:

Hike Around Israel: Campers were given different locations around Camp to go to and at these locations were different stations that represented the different cities within Israel. At the Tel Aviv station, Campers had to create their own graffiti. This was to educate them on art within Israel in the sense that the majority of art in Tel Aviv is expressed through graffiti. Another station for the city Jerusalem had Campers writing their own notes to put into the Western Wall. This educated them on expressing prayer about God. A Kochavim Camper Sydney L. commented saying, “I really enjoyed the Program. It was nice to make my own bracelet out of beads at the Tzfat station and put on beads that I made about me so one bead was put in because it represented me being happy!”

Jews On Mars: In this Program, counselors pretended to be different Jewish people with different jobs, names and ages. The Campers had to go around and interview each Jewish person and decide which Jewish person they wanted to send to Mars to start a Jewish colony. The point of this Program was to find the Jewish values in each person and evaluate why this value was important enough for it to be the start of a new ‘Jewish colony’. Ashley told me that the Campers got thoroughly involved in this Program and took it very seriously – they even started writing notes weighing up the pro’s and con’s of each Jewish individual they interviewed!