Blog  L’shanah Tovah – A Story of Community

L’shanah Tovah – A Story of Community

Dear Camp Coleman Community,

As we welcome 5778, we wanted to share with you a powerful story of how the Coleman connection helped provide one family shelter from the storm.

When we asked our families if people would open their homes to provide shelter for families in Irma’s path, the Caplan family, like so many others, generously offered their homes and, immediately said yes when we told them the Goldhaber family from Miami needed a place to stay. After spending 5 days together, the Goldhabers wrote to us and shared the following:

“We cannot thank the Caplan family enough, for not only opening their home to us, but for the amazing hospitality and caring that they shared throughout the four nights that we stayed in their home. I am very impressed and thankful to Camp Coleman for connecting us with another Camp Coleman family.  I am not sure what we would have done otherwise, my plan was just to start driving north and figure it out along the way. Despite Courtney & Lyla Caplan attending first session and Jack attending second session (thus not knowing one another) all the kids (including my 7-year-old daughter Lila who now wants to go to Camp Coleman) bonded immediately. The first night they sang Camp Coleman cheers and songs (i.e. Mind, Body & Soul), and it really shows the connection and impact Camp Coleman has on the children. Honestly, it felt like we were all family having known each other our entire lives and our days/night together felt like the holidays. Not sure what else I can say, except how thankful we are to the Caplans and Camp Coleman for making this connection that feels like will last a lifetime.”

While this is one amazing story of the power of community, we know there are many others. Please share your story by commenting on the post on our Facebook page so we can all share together.

We love that our Coleman community has grown from connections between Coleman families. Looking forward to the new year, may we be renewed by the strength and comfort that our community gives us in both good and hard times.

L’shanah tovah,
Bobby Harris
Director, URJ Camp Coleman