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Moana and Elsa on the Island of MAC

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Moana and Elsa on the Island of MAC started today! Maccabiah is our color war competition that will continue through lunch on Tuesday when a winner will be announced based on all of the various activities happening over the next 2 days. Read below for the background story and see who is a Blue Mountaineer and who is a Red Voyager for this fantastic event run by Scottlyn Goodman, Lindsey Aranson, and Noah Kraus!


The monthly meeting of the Island Warrior Council has commenced and Moana and Elsa are in attendance. The Island Warrior Council is a group of princes and princesses from various island nations who meet to discuss the issues and progression of their nations during the past year. Moana, who has since led her people to new islands, recently joined the Council. Elsa, who has discovered her potential and now is able to use her powers for good, has been a long standing member on the Council. After the Council meeting began, Maui interrupts the meeting with terrible news.

An Island in the Pacific is experiencing many horrific events that seem to be natural disasters. The ground is shaking, mountains are moving, cracks in the earth are appearing, and debris is flying everywhere. Maui, after flying over the island, discovered the mysterious source of these events. The culprit is a boy named Milo. Milo was raised on the Island of MAC and was born with the power to manipulate and transform earth. When his fellow villagers discovered his powers, they ostracized him for being different and unique. Milo became angry, confused, and sad that his people made him feel unwelcome and unloved. These feelings caused Milo’s powers to increase in strength and Milo lost control as a result.

After discovering Milo, Moana and Elsa both volunteer to help Milo discover his potential for good. Camp Coleman will be split into two teams: the Blue Mountaineers (led by Elsa) and the Red Voyagers (led by Moana). The Blue Mountaineers and Red Voyagers will journey to the Island of Maccabiah to help Milo discover his true potential and feel included in society. While on this journey to help another, campers will discover their own potential and learn the value and benefits of including others who may be different. By understanding that everyone is B’tzelem Elohim, created in the image of G-d, campers will realize that everyone is unique and has infinite potential. They will learn how to use their potential for good. Campers will also take on the responsibility of caring for one another, or Kol Yisrael arevim zeh la-zeh. Finally, campers will utilize courage, or Ometz Lev, in order to help others who have lost their way. Campers must be courageous in order to bring people of all walks of life together. Will the Blue Mountaineers and Red Voyagers succeed in helping Milo or will the Island of Maccabiah crumble at the hands of Milo?


The Red Voyagers

Bonim: B1A, G1A, BS1
Camper Captains: Spencer D and Sadie K

Kochavim: B2B, B3A, G2B
Camper Captains: Noah B and Abi M

Solelim: B4B, G3A
Camper Captains: Dave P and Jaycie B

Tsofim: BS3, G4A, GS4
Camper Captains: Ava Jane Band Tyler L

Nachshonim: B5B, G5A, G5B
Camper Captains: Samantha G and Noah C

Kesher: B7A, G6B
Camper Captains: Ruby K and Danny W

Chalutzim: M8A, W8B
Camper Captains: Aiden A and Liza M

Machon: With Cabins
Captain: Arianna D

Staff Captains: Gabe Contino, Olivia Cohen, Lucinda Traves, Ohad Tal

The Blue Mountaineers

Bonim: B1B, G1B, BS2
Camper Captains: Ben B and Lila S

Kochavim: B2A, B3B, G2A, GS3
Camper Captains: Lily P and Ethan T

Solelim: B4A, G3B
Camper Captains: Ethan G and Kayleigh J

Tsofim:B5A, G4B
Camper Captains: Jayson Fand Sophia W

Nachshonim: B6A, B6B, G6A
Camper Captains: Morgan C and Evan R

Kesher: G7B, G7A, B7B
Camper Captains: Sylvia S and Micah R

Chalutzim: M8B, W8A,WS5
Camper Captains: Marley D and Ella R

Machon: With Cabins
Captain: Brandon G

Staff Captains: Evan Taub, Josh Cohen, Abby White, Naomi Litwak