Blog  Moana and Elsa on the Island of MAC Update

Moana and Elsa on the Island of MAC Update

It’s been an amazing Maccabiah so far! The Blue Mountaineers and Red Voyagers have been competing to see who will defeat Milo and save the Island of Maccabiah. The activity rotations, done by unit, have been intensely fun and have included:

  • Tafiti’s Waterfall (Ice Water Relay)
  • Kick the Coconut (Kickball) and Snowball Fight (Dodgeball)
  • Shul House Rock and Confidence Collages
  • “Frozen” and “Moana” Swim Activities at the Pool and Lake
  • How Far I’ll Go (Obstacle Course) and Marshmallow Attack (Gaga)

On Sunday night we had MAC-a-Bowl, a big trivia competition. Monday morning was the beginning of Tug-O-War where the Red Team won most games and in afternoon we were treated with a Machon Synchronized Skate performance. Last night was the LIVE Mac-a-Jam dance, some final Tug-O-War since the original ended early because of rain, and Rope Burn which resulted in a tie.

We still have Marathon and the Creative Presentations (plaque, alma mater, and entrance) left today- it’s anyone’s MAC!