The unit Nachshonim was named after a biblical hero and leader, Nachshon. He walked into the red sea, believing it would part to let the Jewish people escape from Egypt. Similar to Nachshon, the unit Nachshonim is truly one of a kind. From their constant smiles and shenanigans, to their maturity during the serious programs, these kids truly make every day a new adventure.

This unit has amazing energy! They are always incredibly involved in programs and have so much spirit cheer at meals. They also all had amazing dance moves during our Bat Mitzvah party night! Even when one of our programs was rained out, they still had a positive attitude and had an amazing movie night with the rest of older camp. They also showed the staff their culinary talents during our ‘chopped’ program, where they made different types of food out of candy and sweets.

While we have a lot of fun and games in Nachshonim, we do have meaningful and educational programs every now and then. Out of all the amazing leadership programs we’ve had, there was one program that stood out. This program asked the unit to look at the flaws of some of their personal heroes. I watched the gears turn in their heads as they started to think about what really makes a hero. The program showed them that even some of the most influential people of our generation make mistakes, and that it’s how a person deals with their mistakes that can make them a role model.