Tsofim has been having an amazing summer learning how to take care of ourselves, our communities, and our world. 

To Tsofim, self-care means creating happiness: our own and for others. We’ve learned that sometimes the simple things are what spread joy in the world. For example, In our gratitude program, we wrote about people we were inspired by and lucky to have in our lives. The best part was sharing with that person what we had written and being able to see the smiles on their faces.

 In services, we’ve focused on self-reflection and inner peace. Tsofim enjoyed a mediation service surrounded by the beautiful mountains protecting Camp Coleman.

 Taking care of our communities and our world has been a favorite aspect of our theme. From starting kibbutzim in Israel to marketing for bar and bat mitzvah projects to Shark Tank Camp Coleman edition, we’ve been able to address the problems experienced in communities we are passionate about and connect with. Whether it be Israel, our families at home, or even here at Coleman, we have found so many ways to make positive impacts and prepare to leave our world a better place.

Outside of our unit theme, we’ve enjoyed services in the ropes course, Super Sloppy night, Minute to Win It, a Luau (with snow cones!), and of course, singing songs and eating smores around the campfire. What an amazing Summer we’ve had!