Register now for Camp Coleman’s Alumni Pen Pal Program here!

FAQ & Topics of Conversation:

What is the purpose of the Camp Coleman Pen Pal Program?

Through this program, our current staff understand the love and happiness associated with Camp Coleman and the community to which they now belong.  You are part of the larger community created by this place and the connections you made here. Our hopeful outcome is that the staff feels the support and strength that Camp Coleman not only brought to them this summer, but for many years to come.

How do I get involved?

It’s simple! Sign up by clicking this link to fill out a private survey. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a communication in May pairing you up with your pen pal and providing you with further instructions.

What do I do if my pen pal doesn’t respond?

Continue to write them! Although you may not receive a response, we are strongly encouraging you to write a few times throughout the summer. Remember, staff get busy, but the purpose of this is to keep morale high and make connections.  Our summer ends on August 2nd.

We ask that you please don’t just write one letter and leave it at that. Our expectation for this program is that there is continued conversation with your pen pal(s) throughout the summer. If you cannot commit to this, please reach out to us at 

What do I talk to my pen pal about?

  • Talk to them about your experience on staff and your time spent at camp! Stories are great to share, especially if it’s something they can relate to.
  • Make an effort to ask them about their background, summer(s) at camp, how they are doing, etc.
  • Ask them about activities, programs, and trips.

Still having trouble thinking of what to write? Check out this link to our fill-in letter to get started!

Is there anything I shouldn’t share or talk about with my pen pal?

  • DON’T share inappropriate stories or camp experiences. In no way do we want to make a staff member feel uncomfortable. Please do not share –
    • Rules, laws that may have been broken
    • Anything from the past that might have caused harm to campers, staff members or Camp Coleman’s name  
  • DON’T make this all about you. Of course it’s ok to share information about your time at camp, but make sure you leave room for them to talk about what they are are experiencing now!
  • DON’T ask them information about their campers, information about other staff members, information about your kids, etc.

What if I’m from another country, but want a pen pal?

If you are participating from another country, please send your first letter by direct mail. All other letters can be sent by email to

Please have all subject lines says “ATTN: Pen Pal Program –  PEN PAL NAME.*

What if my penpal is only working for one session?

First session begins on June 10th and ends on July 5th.
Second session begins on July 8th and ends on August 2nd.

If you have a Coleman staff member that will only be working one session we will try to pair you with a first session and second session staff person.

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