On behalf of the URJ and Camp Coleman, thank you for your support! Your commitment and generosity has a powerful, positive effect on our campers and staff. Our camps transform those who partake in this immersive experience and thus, work to create a new and vital future for the entire Jewish community.

Below are some words from families about the impact camp has on their lives:

"Camp Coleman literally changed my daughter’s life. She was a shy, tentative third grader, whose teachers told us they were thrilled at her performance in her academics but were a little concerned about her lack of confidence with friends. She was a little anxious about spending that much time away at camp but wanted to go. She came back from Camp Coleman a different kid. Shortly after coming back, she told us she wanted to try out for the school play. We said, “Are you sure? You know, there are about 500 people in the audience – that can get a little scary.” She was adamant. She had her heart set on a particular role, and although when she was practicing for the audition she did a great job and sang like an angel (the show was a musical, and the part had LOTS of solos), we reminded her that 4thgraders usually get really minor parts and not to get her hopes up. We were right that she didn’t get that part -- she got the lead! And she got the lead again the next year. She’s never lacked confidence since. We owe such a profound debt of gratitude to Camp Coleman, her counselors, and her cabin mates. The lessons she learned about life and herself at Coleman are now in her DNA."

Dear Camp Coleman Staff,

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that our son Joshua in Kochavim had the best summer ever !!!!! He has not stopped talking about his camp experience, and we don't know when we've ever seen him so excited. Thank you for making this a summer he'll always remember.

See you next summer!

Camp Coleman has been wonderful for my kids!! They mark the calendar year round to count down to camp. Both have made new friends, learned self reliance, been able to take chances and know they will still be accepted by their camp friends. Being a Davis Academy student has given them a broader base of knowledge to expand on while at camp, they live Judaism in a very meaningful way that reinforces all value we teach at home and at school. I love the fresh attitude, air of maturity and giving that they bring home every year from camp.

Hi guys. Just to let you know that both of my children told me that this was there BEST SUMMER EVER. Jason, who went first session and Erin, who went second session both had amazing summers and can't wait to come back next year.

I have had 3 kids go to camp. Jeffrey is now in ninth grade. He started during the summer after first grade (the rule then was that he had to be 7 - he turned 7 the day before he went.) This will be his ninth and final year. He lives for his summer. When the forms came out for next summer, he wanted to fill them out right away - even though it was Kol Nidre. He feels like he belongs to a group. The group doesn't see each other through the year but they are anxious to see each other in the summer. Camp is his home. He just stays with us the rest of the year. Last summer was his first 8 week session. He came home from camp this summer, especially after second session, with a new attitude. He started taking charge of things and has become more attentive to his school work. Some of that is maturity but I definitely noticed the difference when he came home from camp.

My family joined me at camp last summer when I served on faculty. While it's always a joy for me personally to participate at Coleman, I was especially excited last summer to watch Adam, my seven year old, also have a fantastic experience.

Too young to attend Coleman for a summer session, Adam was able to participate in teh youngest boys' bunk of 3rd and 4th graders as a day camper during the week we were there. It was amazing to me to see how quickly he became immersed in the life of the bunk, how accepting they were of him, and what a wonderful time. He was having such a great time, he even managed to forget we were even there! (this is a good thing!).

At the end of our week, each member of our family left camp with great memories from the week. But, I'm fairly confident Adam's were the most special of all -- one only had to watch his face all week to know that he was having the time of his life