Where is URJ Camp Coleman Located?
URJ Camp Coleman is located in Cleveland, GA (birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Doll) just 75 miles northeast of Atlanta. Coleman is situated in the beautiful natural setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What is the procedure for applying to work at camp?
You can apply online. Once we have received your application you will be contacted to set up an interview. You will also receive an email with information and forms, including a link for your references to fill out. Once we have completed your interview and your preliminary paperwork has been received we may come to a verbal agreement. It is the understanding of URJ Camp Coleman that we consider these verbal agreements as commitments. It is not appropriate for you to speak with another camp about employment after agreeing to work at Coleman. Upon accepting a position with URJ Camp Coleman you will be sent a contract, a health form, tax forms, a copy of the personal policies and other forms. You are required to sign the contract and return it to our winter office by the date listed on the bottom of your contract in order to formalize our agreement.

What else can I expect to receive from Camp Coleman and when will I receive it?
In the spring (no later than the end of April) you will receive an information packet from camp. It will include a packing list and other important information for you to review.

What are the dates of camp?
Staff training is considered a vital component of Camp Coleman’s summer. When a staff knows what it needs to accomplish and works together, wonderful results can occur. Arrival dates are related to the area to which you are assigned to work at camp and are part of your contractual agreement. May 30. Support staff. The Leadership Team arrives May 28. Staff week begins June 2016. The last day of camp is August 2, however your contract will state your last day of employment is August 3.

How often do I receive time off?
Each staff member usually receives one period off per day. Also, after the campers are safe and sound in their bunks, staff may have some down time and can “sign out” of camp. Nighttime is, however, prime time for unit and entire staff meetings and certain nights are designated as “in-nights” Friday nights are always “in-nights”at which time staff is not permitted to leave camp. We will also frequently have social and educational programs for the staff at nighttime. Staff will receive 4 days off during the summer. Days off may begin at dinner and end at dinner the next day. Counseling staff will have several days to choose from each month. However, only so many people can sign up for each day off based upon the unit size and schedule. Specialists, because of the nature of the program will be given specific days that must be taken off (All camp trip day and whitewater rafting day). Staff will also have free time during Inter-session, the days in between Session 1 and Session 2.

What if I am a vegetarian, keep kosher or have other diet restrictions?
We offer a complete vegetarian menu and salad bar for the camp population. Many of the participants who keep kosher choose to eat the vegetarian meals, however, we are pleased to provide kosher meals to those who keep kosher throughout the year. We will do our best to prepare meals that correspond to your needs. If you are a vegan, you may find it necessary to bring your own substitute protein source, as it is difficult for us to cater to those specific needs.

What can we do on our free time in the North Georgia Mountains?
Though this is by no means a comprehensive list, possible journeys for you this summer include:

  • The Old Sautee Store and Nacoochee Cultural Center in Sautee. Plays, art shows, music at a couple of coffee houses.
  • Hiking on the Appalachian Trail located less than ½ hour from Coleman.
  • Outlet shopping in nearby Dawsonville and Commerce.
  • A day and night out in Atlanta
  • Movies in Gainesville as well as good old Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonalds.
  • The Cabbage Patch Babyland General in beautiful downtown Cleveland.

May I receive visitors during the camp session?
If your friends or family would like to visit during camp, they will need to schedule their visit on your day off or during designated time-off hour or during Inter-session. All visitors need to check in at the Misrad (office).

Will I be the only new person at Coleman this summer?
Each year at Coleman is a new and different year. 70% of our staff either worked at or were campers at Coleman and approximately 30% are completely new. We have new and returning staff from all over the world that makes a wonderful mix of tradition and openness to new ideas.

What is URJ?
The URJ – Union for Reform Judaism – helps to create and sustain vibrant Reform Jewish congregations wherever Reform Jews live. The synagogue is at the very center of Jewish life, transforming individual members into caring, committed Jews, inspiring them to live Jewish lives. The URJ provides opportunities for individual growth and identity which congregations and individuals cannot provide by themselves including 12 residential camps, a day camp and trips to Israel. The URJ is also the main supporter of the Hebrew Union College (HUC) – the seminary that trains Reform Rabbis, Cantors and Educators.

What is the smoking policy at Camp Coleman?
All URJ facilities are no smoking institutions. Staff may find it difficult to leave camp during the day and in the evening. We highly encourage our staff to try to use this time as a great way to start on a healthier path of life by quitting. Smoking on campgrounds is prohibited and may result in a review of employment.