Thank you for your interest in our Machon Counselor in Training Program! The application date for summer 2018 has already passed. Please contact us at if you have any further questions.


This page contains important information about the URJ Camp Coleman 2018 Machon Program.  The Machon program represents our efforts at Coleman to develop the future leaders of our Reform Jewish camp.  We are seeking the best and brightest applicants for our rising 12th grade programs because we believe that our staff is our most valuable resource.  With a competent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic group of camp counselors and specialists, we know that our camp will continue to offer a special Jewish camping experience each summer.

This year, we are offering 3 program options:  Our flagship Machon 8-week program, the Machon Adventure Program – Outward Bound, and the brand new Machon Mitzvah Corps Atlanta program. Below you’ll find a description of each, including what type of teen will be best suited for each program.

Camp Coleman values all of our Machon programs as effective programs to train future staff members. Each has a different focus, and is better suited for teens with different experience levels. All three options include 150 community service hours and Red Cross Lifeguard certification which is good for 2 years.

Important: Please understand the Machon program options are not open to just anyone who wants to attend.  There is a process to apply which includes a written application (with essay questions) and an interview.  Camp Coleman has limited spaces in each program. Every year there are applicants who are not accepted to their first-choice program, and some applicants may not be accepted to any program. Application deadline is Friday, December 1, 2017. 

Video interviews will be scheduled during the month of December. Shortly after you’ve submitted your application, you will be contacted to schedule your video interview.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status no later than January 23, 2018.

All participants of our Machon program are asked to attend an orientation weekend at camp March 23-25, 2018. See Information sheets for more details.

NEW: Join us for a parent webinar to learn more about the Machon program and how to support your child through the application process. Participation in the webinar is HIGHLY recommended and is for parents only. The webinar will be on Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30pm. Go to to register for the webinar.


2018 Program Options

Machon 8-week

The Machon 8-week program provides participants with an immersive opportunity to work with campers and to reflect on their experience. During the 1st session of camp, participants will learn what it means to be a great counselor and will develop the skills necessary to be an effective role model and mentor to our campers.  During the 2nd session, participants will live in cabins with campers and counselors and under supervision, will practice those skills.

The 8-week program is best for teens who showed leadership as a camper through their commitment to our Brit Kehillah and core values and have proven that they are ready to be role-models at camp. The ideal candidates have experience working with children in a camp or school environment.

Machon Adventure Program – Outward Bound (5-week)

The Outward Bound component is a unique component of the Machon Adventure Program.  If you are selected to be a part of this program, you will take part in the North Carolina Outward Bound week prior to coming to Coleman.  This is a physically challenging week that is meant to help you grow physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you feel empowered to face any challenges that might come up for you.  The Machon Adventure Program will provide you with critical leadership skills and significant personal growth.  Participants of this program will arrive back at camp on opening day of 2nd session and will spend the next 4 weeks incorporating their Outward Bound experience into our Leadership Development and Staff-in-training program.  Medical clearance is a requirement of Outward Bound.

The Machon Adventure Program is best for teens that have a desire to grow as individuals and learn to push their own limits. The ideal candidates have a desire to try new things and step outside their comfort zone.

Machon Mitzvah Corps Atlanta (6-week)

Camp Coleman and URJ’s Mitzvah Corps programs have come together to offer this new program for rising Coleman 12th graders. The City of Atlanta runs Camp Best Friends, a highly subsidized summer program for children who would otherwise lack direction, and sustenance, while school is out for the summer. Participants will spend 14 days volunteering as junior counselors at Camp Best Friends, while living in the dorms at Georgia Tech University. This program is inspired in part by the relationship that Camp Coleman and NFTY have built over many years with the City of Atlanta in running Camp Jenny. As participants do volunteer work, listen to guest speakers, and learn about issues of race and access to education, they will build meaningful relationships with one another and their global peers, understand the complexities and challenges facing various communities, take action on issues they care about, and embrace the ways that Judaism empowers them to enact real change. Participants of this program will arrive back at camp on opening day of 2nd session and will spend the next 4 weeks incorporating their Mitzvah Corps experience into our Leadership Development and Staff-in-training program.

The Machon Mitzvah Corps program is best for teens whose past experiences show that they are passionate about social justice and are interested in an intense volunteer experience with children coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. The ideal candidates have experience with service work and/or experience working with children.

Please know that each of these programs has a maximum and minimum number of participants.  We reserve the right to cancel any of these programs if our minimum numbers are not met.  You will find more information about each of these programs by reading the information sheets.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.  Looking forward to a wonderful summer!

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