Machon Frequently Asked Questions

  • Confidence to take on a staff role at camp
  • Experience and knowledge of what it means to be on staff
  • Increased self-awareness
  • How to write and execute a content-based program
  • Increased ability to work as part of a team
  • Empathy
  • Tools for making decisions aligned with ones’ values even when it is difficult

  • Exposure to camp and community leaders who have made a profound difference enabling the participant to reflect on their own personal leadership style. Workshops may include sessions with Bobby Harris, Amy Smyler, unit heads, previous Machon participants, special camp guests, visiting faculty and others!
  • Internships in both specialty areas and bunks
  • Program planning experience (Machonikim plan a carnival, Yom Kef, and other programs for campers and for themselves)
  • Lifeguard training, including CPR and First Aid

Machon Village includes 4 cabins for teens (2 for each gender), 2 staff cabins, 2 bathhouses, and an air-conditioned yurt. It’s located behind the girls side of camp, behind the Hillman Chapel and the Hamburger Lodge (Motel).
Machonikim follow the regular camp schedule for meals, tefillah, etc. Activity periods are filled with skill-building workshops, activity observations, internships, program planning, and special trips. See the sample daily and weekly schedules below.
Yes! All Machonikim have real, meaningful opportunities to work directly with campers. Every Machon participant will do a 3-day internship in a specialty area, where they will get to first observe, and then teach the specialty. They will also do a 3-day internship in a bunk, where they will become a part of that cabin community and get to experience almost everything a counselor does.

Sample Daily Schedule

1st period Internship
2nd period Internship
3rd period Internship
4th period Debrief/Discussion about internship
5th period Accountability workshop
6th period Prep for Machon Carnival
7th period Chofesh (free time)
Evening Program Harry Potter Night with Tsofim campers
Late Night Pizza making at Campscape

Sample Weekly Schedule

Sunday Internships & Skill Workshops
Monday Internships & Skill Workshops
Wednesday Trip to UGA for college tour and fun activity
Thursday Skill Workshops and Carnival prep
Friday Internships & Shabbat
SaturdayShabbat & Machon Carnival