Machon Mitzvah Corps (6 weeks)

Dates: June 19 - July 30, 2020

Tuition: $4,530

Overview: Mitzvah Corps Atlanta is run in partnership with Camp Best Friends, a subsidized, quality summer program for Atlanta children, engaging them in wholesome, organized and productive recreational activities while school is out for the summer. Machon participants will spend 14 days volunteering as junior counselors at Camp Best Friends, while living in dorm-style accommodations in Atlanta.

Who should apply: The Machon Mitzvah Corps program is best for teens whose past experiences show that they are passionate about social justice and are interested in an intense volunteer experience with children coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. The ideal candidates have experience with service work and/or experience working with children.


  • Spend 2 weeks at Mitzvah Corps Atlanta and 4 weeks at Coleman.
  • Live in a college dorm in Atlanta while volunteering each weekday at Camp Best Friends.
  • Learn about the complexities and challenges facing various communities and how to take action on issues you care about.
  • Live in Machon Village during second session.

More details:

This program is inspired in part by the relationship that Camp Coleman and NFTY have built over many years with the City of Atlanta in running Camp Jenny. As participants do volunteer work, listen to guest speakers, and learn about issues of race and access to education, they will build meaningful relationships with one another and their global peers, understand the complexities and challenges facing various communities, take action on issues they care about, and embrace the ways that Judaism empowers them to enact real change.

Participants of this program will arrive back at camp on opening day of 2nd session and will spend the next 4 weeks incorporating their Mitzvah Corps experience into our Leadership Development and Staff-in-training program.

Sample Daily Schedule:

While in Atlanta, Machon Mitzvah Corps operates on a regular schedule, with participants spending each weekday at their day camp jobs, with afternoons to relax or cook dinner, and evenings to engage in learning or explore activities around Atlanta.  Camp Best Friends operates many sites around Atlanta. Machon volunteers will be placed at several sites, in small groups. A sample schedule of a typical day:

7:00am Wake up! Use the kitchen in the dorms to make breakfast and pack a lunch
8:00am Depart for volunteer sites by van.
8:30am Spend the majority of the day immersed in volunteering at Camp Best Friends. Build meaningful relationships with the campers and staff, and engage with them for an extended period of time. Lunch is eaten on site.
4:00pm Return to the dorms.
4:30pm Free time. Relax, do laundry, plan some programs, or enjoy being outside.
6:00pm Dinner as a group.
7:30pm Evening activities. A Jewish prayer experience, meeting with a local leader or member of the clergy, interactive group program, field trip, social activity, or combination! This is the time to delve into the issues that are addressed during the day while volunteering, and develop a new skill set and perspective. It’s also time to build strong friendships with fellow Machon participants!
9:30pm Evening ritual. Time to conclude the day, and prepare for tomorrow.
10:30pm Lights out!