Machon Program Expectations

The Machon program represents our efforts at Coleman to develop the future leaders of our Reform Jewish camp. We are seeking the best and brightest applicants for our Machon programs because we believe that our staff is our most valuable resource. With a competent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic group of camp counselors and specialists, we know that our camp will continue to offer a special Jewish camping experience each summer.

What do Machonikim do? The Machonikim participate in interactive training sessions focusing on camp leadership skills, child development and behavior management, so that they can become effective camp leaders as counselors and specialists.  Included in every Machonik’s training are a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow as cabin counselors or specialists based on the participant’s assignment to a specific bunk or specialty.  The program is designed so that participants can learn about children, group development, and his/her own strengths/limitations based upon active involvement in a specific cabin group or specialty area.

PLEASE NOTE: The Machon Programs are Leadership Development and Training programs.  Machon are NOT staff and do not share the same responsibilities or privileges as contracted staff members.  Our emphasis in the program is to provide participants with an opportunity to work directly with campers and other staff members and to reflect on their experience.

Our Machon Program includes 3 options:  Our flagship Machon Full Summer program (8 weeks), the Machon Adventure Program (5 weeks), and the Machon Mitzvah Corps Atlanta program (6 weeks).

Camp Coleman values all of our Machon programs as effective programs to train future staff members. Each has a different focus, and is better suited for teens with different experience levels. All three options include the opportunity to earn community service hours and the opportunity to earn a Red Cross Lifeguard certification which is good for 2 years.

Important: Please understand the Machon program options are not open to just anyone who wants to attend.  There is a process to apply which includes a written application (with essay questions) and an interview.  Camp Coleman has limited spaces in each program. Every year there are applicants who are not accepted to their first-choice program, and some applicants may not be accepted to any program.

Every Machonik should understand that, at times, training will be hard work and, like anytime we learn new things or gain new skills, it can be a little bit frustrating. Participants need to understand that they are no longer responsible for just themselves.  Machon participants are taking on a much greater responsibility in the camp community.