“Camp Coleman created a safe environment for my child to create strong bonds with new people and to make great camp experiences. Thank you for that Camp Coleman!”

"Even though this was my second summer at Camp Coleman, I just want to say that nobody should ever have any worries about being new at camp. It’s the friendliest place in the world and the counselors make it easy for you to jump right in.

My friends at school say, “I can’t believe you were away for a whole month, weren’t you homesick?” I tell them, “You’re so busy at camp, you honestly don’t miss home.” Camp makes me feel like I’ve grown a lot. " - Nina, Camper

"Through these past 8 summers Camp Coleman has molded me into the person I am right now. Thank you for teaching me that being Jewish is more than what the world sees. It's more than an odd language and an extravagant culture; it's being kind not because you have to, but because it's the right thing to do. Camp showed me how to defeat stereotypes and break barriers on my own rather than standing back and hoping everything goes that way I want it to. Camp showed me that people you've never met before can become your family in the short span of 25 days if you just let them in. Thank you for being my happy place. Thank you for being my safe place. And most importantly, thank you for being my second home. I love you Camp Coleman." - Julia, Camper

"I realized that I love making wood burned pieces, playing archery, song leading, and making mosaics. For Hanukkah, I got a wood burning kit mainly due to camp." - Leah, Camper