Hi Camp Coleman!

This past week has been CRAZY for Bonim! We have had an amazing time getting to meet all of our new friends, bunkmates, staff members and more! Bonim has been exploring all throughout camp this past week and has gotten to experience a lot that camp has to offer. As our bunks move through the different activity rotations, our campers are beginning to discover their favorite things about camp, including the Warrior Course, sports, and making mask holders in arts and crafts. Bonim loves going swimming in both the lake and the pool and cannot wait for our evening program all about Crossing the Red Sea (but really, the pool)!

Bonim’s unit theme this summer is Stories, focusing on both childhood stories and stories from the Torah. On our second night we had an evening program using the story “No Rules for Michael ” to teach about the importance of rules at camp and why we should follow them. Bonim is also focusing on the value of Chesed (kindness) this week and created bodies of kindness by tracing their friends on paper and writing ways we can think, do, and spread Chesed. Overall, Bonim has learned about the importance of being kind to one another, remembering our stories and our history and is having the time of their lives discovering their love of camp!