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Capital Fund

Your support of capital projects at Camp Coleman will help to improve our facilities for future generations.

Camp Coleman Fund

Your donation to the Camp Coleman Fund helps support camp programming that otherwise would not be possible.

Allan F. Solomon Scholarship Fund

Help make the Coleman experience available to as many campers as possible, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

Monthly Giving

Giving monthly helps everyone! As little as $18 a month can support  families in need of help to make camp a reality for their child. 

Make a Pledge

If you would like to make a donation and pay it in installments, rather than a lump sum, you can do so by making a pledge. 

Legacy Society

To help ensure the long-term success of the camps, make Camp Coleman a part of your estate plan. We recommend speaking with your financial advisor to discuss what is optimal to meet your needs.
B’nai Mitzvah Projects

Many of our campers choose to make Camp Coleman the beneficiary of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects. We are excited to offer ideas and support to our campers that choose to do so. We have examples of projects that have been done in the past, and are happy to share them with interested families. For more information on how to make Camp Coleman your B’nai Mitzvah project, please take a look below.

B'nai Mitzvah Project Ideas
Do you need an idea for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project?? Here is a list of great ideas!

  • Make a Bar/Bat Mitzvah website with a page dedicated to your project
  • Use Coleman clothes and swag to make Coleman centerpieces, which can then be donated to new campers who cannot afford to buy Coleman items
  • Collect empty bottles and cans at your temple, school, and other organizations, then use the money you get back from the machines at the supermarket to donate to camp
  • Host a walkathon with your friends to raise money for scholarship
  • Host a talent show at your temple and donate proceeds to scholarship
  • Recruit donations from local businesses, then host an auction or a silent auction to raise money for scholarship
  • Host a car wash or bake sale
  • You are a Coleman camper, you have your own brilliant ideas!

URJ Camp Coleman

Main Office

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact us:
(770) 671-8971 |

Legacy Society

Camp Coleman is over 60 years old! Approximately 1000 campers and staff are served each year. Since its inception, Coleman has served more than 10,000 campers, many of whom have become lay leaders of congregations and the URJ, while others are now Rabbis, educators and Jewish communal professionals. The number of multi-generational “Coleman families” grows each year.

Today, Camp Coleman’s campsite includes 200 acres. Through generous contributions we strive to make it possible that family finances are not an obstacle for a child to attend camp.

As we look to the next 60 years, we hope to be able to endow every aspect of our camp and its operations-the facilities; our program; staff; and scholarship funds. Having an endowment fund will put Coleman on a solid footing, and enable us to look to the future with confidence.

To make Camp Coleman part of your estate plan, and ensure the long-term, continued success of camp, let us know by completing the Letter of Intent and sending it in. Join our Legacy Society.

If you have any questions or simply wish to discuss your planned gift, contact Melissa Stollman at 

“Just as they planted trees for me, I am planting trees for my children and grandchildren so they will be able to eat the fruit of these trees.”

-Honi, the circle maker


Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to include your donations into your personal budget. Monthly giving is also a cost efficient way to deliver your support.

  • Great satisfaction.  Every month, you will know you have contributed to make the Camp Coleman experience the best possible for more than 900 campers that attend each summer.
  • Convenience. When you participate in Coleman’s Recurring Gift Program, your gift will appear each month on your credit card. In January, we will send you a summary of your and tax receipt to help in your tax preparations, and you will not receive phone solicitations or direct mail solicitations.
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative expenses. Automatic monthly payments mean more of your donation goes to where it is needed most.
  • Flexibility. If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, discontinue your gifts, or change the credit card being charged, just e-mail our Development Director Jennifer Siegal-Miller or call (770) 671-8971, and we will gladly accommodate you.



A recurring gift is a way to support camp by donating a specific amount every month.  Your gift will be automatically charged to your credit card. Your recurring gift will be a dependable source of support that Camp Coleman can count on throughout the year.

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