by Raphaella Ruggiero, Photographer and Communications Specialist

Entering into the second week of camp and Solelim are having a blast!

During one of their Mashehu programs, the campers participated in “Escape-shehu”, an incredibly engaging program that requires communication and teamwork for the campers to solve riddles and challenges to move on to the next stage. To add a Solelim twist, some of the clues and answers were, for example, what the unit name ‘Solelim’ means in English (which is Trailblazers) or the unit theme (which is community). Tthe campers were grouped by their cabin so it also helped to build and strengthen cabin bonds.

Another program they did was ‘God Shopping’ during an evening program. The program emphasized how everyone has their own thoughts and ideas of who and what God is for them. The campers were given 10 “Spongebob Dollars” and had the option to spend their money on a particular trait or characteristic as they imagine God. These included a “Jiminy Cricket God”, representing whether they feel God is an internal voice or their conscience. Alternatively, another option the campers could choose was a “Clockmaker God”- that “God created the world, left it, and doesn’t get involved”. The campers had the opportunity to “spend their dollars” on any particular characteristics if they felt that is how God was represented to them. Alternatively, they could also choose not to spend some of their Spongebob dollars if the campers had any doubts about God, which led to a discussion later on in the program on why people chose the characteristics they did.

With two and a half weeks left to go, Solelim has a ton more fun to look forward too!