Jurassic MAC: The Lost Island started today! Maccabiah is our color war competition that will continue through Friday afternoon when a winner will be announced based on all of the various activities happening over the next 2 days. Read below for the background story and see who is a Blue Paleontologist and who is a Red Trainer for this fantastic event run by Joshua Gottlieb, Sarah Cotler, and Lucinda Traves!


Scientists at the Coleman division of the Dinosaur Protection Agency (DPA) have been working tirelessly using prehistoric DNA to create dinosaurs to once again walk the earth. After years of trial and error, they have successfully brought about this new life form in the form of 10 different dinosaur species. Between land, air, and sea, we are now surrounded in a world inhabited by both humans and dinosaurs for the first time in the Earth’s history.

How will we adapt to a new world so unfamiliar to what we are used to? How will we create a safe environment for all of the Earth’s creatures? The Paleontologists and the Dinosaur Trainers at the DPA have been working together to find a way to safely introduce dinosaurs into our society. The DPA has successfully created a place where all of God’s creatures can coexist together, The Lost Island. Both the trainers and the paleontologists have their own ideas and proposals as to how they can run the lost island to create an inclusive utopia that incorporates everyone in our community. Both are ready to take on this new and exciting role, but only one proposal can be applied to The Lost Island.

By using our values, Hitlamdut: learning about one’s self, Haarecha Shel Machloket: appreciation of differences, and Ohev et HaBriyot: loving all creatures, we are confident that these two teams will be able to help create a society that can accommodate humans as well as the dinosaurs now brought into our world.

Team Breakdown:

The Red Trainers

Bonim: B1B, BS1 Camper Captains: Jack L and Liza C
Kochavim: B2A, G1A, G1B Camper Captains: Ilana D and Sander G
Solelim: G2B, B3B Camper Captains: Addison V and Mateo H
Tsofim: G4A, G3B, B4A Camper Captains: Cayla T and Ben S
Nachshonim: G5B, G6A, B4B, B5A Camper Captains:  Sophia B and Tyler D
Kesher: B7A, G7B, B7B Camper Captains: Noah L and Raegan S
Chalutzim: M8A, W8B Camper Captains: Sam D and Simon K
Machon: Andrew, Raftin, Noah, Haley, Maddy G, Alana, Nicole, Michelle, Stout, Olivia, Stevie, Carly, Sydnie, Lindsey, Lacie, Nolan, Ian, Anton

Machon Captain: Maddy G

Staff Captains: Gili Shirman-Lavy, Kara Litwin, Niv Laski, and Gibor Laki

The Blue Paleontologists

Bonim: B1A, BS2 Camper Captains: Bryce D and Eve R
Kochavim: B2B, GS3, GS4 Camper Captains: Rachel R and Jacob Q
Solelim:G2A, B3A Camper Captains: Maddi T and Alex B
Tsofim: G4B, G3A, BS3 Camper Captains: Sarah G and Jake Y
Nachshonim: B6A, B5B, G6B, G5A Camper Captains: Dani B and Carmi N
Kesher: G7A, B6B Camper Captains: Andrew T and Mia R
Chalutzim: M8B, W8A,WS5 Camper Captains: Annie M and Owen E
Machon: Louis, Libby, Elexa, Abby, Allie, Sam Ross, Andie, Hannah, Sophie, Elise, Maddy W, Ariana, Adam, Brandon, Evan, Simon

Machon Captain: Allie C

Staff Captains: Maddie Schwartz, Lauren Sutherland, Gilad Rothschild, and Kata Biro