It’s been an awesome Maccabiah so far! The Blue Paleontologists and Red Trainers have been competing to see who will help make a peaceful world where all creatures can live in harmony. The activity rotations, done by unit, have been intensely fun and have included:

  • Jurassic Basketball (in costumes)
  • Dodgeball, Kickball, and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Capture the Egg (capture the flag)
  • Raptor vs. Paleo Swim Challenge at the Pool
  • Archaelogical Dig and Lake Challenges
  • Talent Show

Last night we had Fossil Feud (aka MAC-a-Bowl, a big trivia competition). This morning was more rotations and Triassic Tug-O-War where the Blue Paleontologists won a lot of the rounds, but the Red Trainers certainly had their wins as well! Still to come this afternoon and evening is Dino Jam (aka Mac-a-Jam) and Rope Burn. Friday we will have a final rotation, Raptor Race (aka Marathon), and the Creative Presentations (plaque, alma mater, and entrance). Who will win this MAC!?