We’re over halfway through second session and you may be wondering how to think of new and interesting ways to find out every single thing about your child’s day without repeating yourself in every letter. Of course you’ve asked all the obvious questions by now, but towards the end of the session you might be running a little low on ideas.Here are some questions you can ask your kids which will provide a whole new insight into their time at camp!

  1. What did you sign up for, for each activity?
    Campers rising 6th grade and up choose some of their activities: Etgar (Challenge- which includes ropes, Israeli Scouts, Krav Maga, drumming, archery, and Campscape for Nachshonim and Kochavim), Omanut (Art Production- which includes arts & crafts, metals, ceramics, circus arts, Jewish cooking, and ukelelee and chess for Nachshonim), and Tarbut (Performing Arts- which includes dance, video, podcasting, Coleman Rocks, music, guitar, song-leading, drama, and theater tech). For Bonim and Kochavim, you can ask which of these activities have been their favorites.
  2. Who is the specialist for your favorite activity?
  3. What has been your favorite Evening Program and favorite Mashehu (means ‘something’- this is the unit programming period during the day)?
  4. What have been the best breaks (breaks are often at the end of meals to tell the campers about something exciting happening that evening or the next day)?
  5. What has been your favorite meal?
  6. What was your favorite part of Maccabiah?
  7. What is your favorite and least favorite Nikayon assignment (Nikayon is the cleaning period where campers and staff clean their bunks)?
  8. What is your unit cheer?
  9. Who has been your mandatory optionals buddy (MandOps for short- happens on Shabbat and is a day were the campers can go to any activity they like on camp but they must go with at least one other person)?
  10. Have you learned any new games? If so, which is your favorite?
    Happy letter writing!