by Raphaella Ruggiero, Photographer and Communications Specialist

Nachshonim is this summer’s largest unit group, and you know what they say- the more the merrier!

During a mashehu, the campers participated in a “Camp Hero Scavenger Hunt”. This took the campers on a hunt around camp, completing various tasks which required them to ask questions and get to know various staff members. For example, campers would have to “find someone who represents kavod (respect)” or “find someone who works in the Minsky (art building)”, and they would then have to fill in their name on the slip of paper and move on to the next. It was a fun way for the campers to get to know staff members around camp besides their counselors. This included specialists, maintenance, kitchen, and other support staff!

During an evening program, Nachshonim participated in IDF night. This stands for ‘Israeli Defense Forces’. It was run by Israeli staff Guy and Laski who had finished their 3 years compulsory time in the army prior to coming to camp. Broken up into groups, the campers participated in rotations such as obstacle courses which included running ladders, high-knee jumps and star jumps, all without talking and in under 2 minutes. This gave campers a small idea of the training Israeli soldiers undergo in preparation for their service. The campers said although they found the evening program to be intense and very foreign to anything they have yet to know, they found learning about IDF to be very insightful and interesting. It provided them with a taste of what the young people of Israel are a part of for 2-3 years.