Sukkot, which begins this Sunday night, is a holiday to give thanks for the fall harvest. We are thankful for our Campscape garden, and in celebration wanted to share some recipes from the garden! Another Sukkot tradition is to invite friends, family, and even strangers into your sukkah to rejoice- so make some fried green tomatoes and limonana and celebrate Sukkot! Learn more about the customs and rituals surrounding Sukkot on

Fried Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes (not a special variety, just red tomatoes that have not ripened)
White, self-rising corn meal
Salt and Pepper
Canola oil for frying
Sweet onion (optional)

1. Slice tomatoes (and onions if desired)
2. Heat oil
3. Put beaten eggs in one bowl
4. Put Cornmeal, with a small amount of sugar, and salt and pepper in a bowl
5. Assembly line, dipping tomato slices in egg mixture, and then cornmeal.
6. Pan-fry in oil till golden brown.
7. Take out and put on paper towels, to reduce oil content
8. Serve and enjoy!

An Israeli / Campscape drink! Think of it like a garden slushy: Limon=lemon, Nana=mint.

4 cups of ice
1 cup of water
½ cup of lemon concentrate
¾ cup of sugar
18 (or so) mint leaves

Blend well in a blender, till ice is pulverized and mint is in very tiny pieces.
Beware of brain freeze!
The perfect end to tending the garden!