Coleman is a place where we can ask big questions and try new things like learning a new art skill, climbing to a higher rung on the rock wall, and so much more. And this summer our campers will be able try one more new thing with the addition of our new “Sci-Ventures” program!

Sci-Ventures will allow our campers to see the natural camp environment as a living laboratory. Science is all around us, and we are excited to add this new elective for curious Coleman campers who love exploring  big questions in science.

What are some specific Sci-Ventures planned for this summer?

  • Mixing materials together to make slime
  • Creating and launching bottle rockets that will soar high above camp
  • Hiking the solar system, finding each planet somewhere in camp
  • Making volcanic eruptions and mixing things together to get fun and interesting results
  • And so much more!

We know that Sci-Ventures will add a whole new dimension to the Coleman experience for both new and returning campers. We can’t wait to get started!