Although we have been here for two weeks, it feels as if no time has passed at all. Kochavim has had an action-packed beginning to the session and we aren’t stopping now. The Kochavim learning theme is K’lal Yisrael, or the communities of Jewish people around the world and how they are connected. For this summer, we are more specifically focusing on the courage shown by different Jewish communities during times of hardship.

Many might assume that a group of 53 ten-year-olds would have difficulty grasping a program surrounding the suppression of Jewish emigration from the USSR in the early 1970s, but our campers surpassed all expectations. Our Kochavimers listened intently as Bobby, our camp director, told them of his part in the Refusenicks movement. They then took part in a simulation where they had to get emigration forms signed by different government officials who refused to let them leave. Our kiddos will also be learning about the Jewish community in Uganda from the Bonim programmer, Shoshanna.

Along with our theme-based programs, Kochavim has also taken part in many joint programs with other units. At the beginning of the session, we took part in a mini-colour war, SnackMac: The Mac that Smiles Mac, with Nachshonim, our rising eighth graders. After an hour and a half of intense competition, the Blue Salty Snacks proved that they were tastier than the Red Sweet Snacks.


We also got to spend time with our staff-in-training participants when they ran our Super Sloppy Night. Soon, we will be spending the day with Solelim for Pirate Day. We are excited for what’s to come and hope to make the most of the time we have left.