This session for Chalutzim flew by… it’s hard to believe that camp ends in 2 days. The session started off strong, and that only continued throughout. The most exciting part of the first week was getting Bonim Buddies and celebrating meeting by having a luau at the lake. Chalutzim has served as excellent role models for the Bonimers. They love their buddies so much!

Our second week of camp, we left for our 4 day civil rights trip in the South. We began at the Paperclips Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell, TN, where we got to meet the teacher, Ms. Sandra Roberts, who started the project in 1998. From there, we headed to Selma, where we met survivors of Bloody Sunday and walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The third day was spent at the Equal Justice Initiative’s lynching memorial. We had the chance to talk with their fellows, which helped us further understand the importance of keeping these many innocent lives a blessing. We finished the trip on a high note by spending the day at Six Flags.


Maccabiah broke the third week, and it was a blast. Our campers participated fully, whether as camper captains, on the rope burn team, in marathon, creative presentations, or simply by cheering on their teams. During MAC, the G Side had their Chalutzim service, which was a beautiful culmination of their time at camp. Tonight, the B Side will have their service, as well as the camp play (Legally Blonde) and fireworks. It’s sad to think that we pack up tomorrow, but this goes to show that time truly flies when you’re having fun.


This Chalutzim is one of the most inspiring units I’ve seen throughout my 13 summers at camp. Their love for this place and the people here is like no other, and I’m so grateful I had the chance to be their programmer this session. I can’t wait to see what they do as Machon and staff down the road. Their future campers will be so lucky.