For Tsofim, this week has been a week like no other. We dove right into our daily cabin rotations on the second day of camp with fun activities such as ropes course, drama, metals, and yoga. We’ve had numerous evening programs to keep the campers engaged and excited about what’s to come for the rest of the session, ranging from the Tsofim Olympics to the Fashion Show. Within the Tsofim Olympics, our 5 cabins competed against each other through various activities including soccer, dodgeball, and counselor’s choice to ultimately determine that all bunks were winners. In our Tsofim Fashion Show, each bunk was assigned a decade to dress one of their counselors up in to then be judged by four Coleman celebrity judges. Our dressed-up counselors then had to walk the runway, pose, answer questions, and have a dance-off to ultimately determine the 1990s (B5A) as the winner.

Tsofim was then able to welcome Shabbat this past Friday night beginning with a Shabbat walk that led to our dinner, services, and our new Covid style song session. Our campers were truly able to bring the Shabbat magic back to the Coleman community. On Saturday, our bunks were able to sign up for various activities all around camp including tech theatre, dance, arts and crafts, swim, and karaoke. We then ended the day with a fun Trivia Night and Havdalah, which led to the perfect ending of the first week of the session.