Shalom from the Chalutzim unit! We are all so happy to be back together at camp for our final summer and were making every moment count. This week has been jam-packed with programming and fun. We all enjoyed a blast from the past with kindergarten night, snacked on some dirt and worms (pudding cups, Oreos, and gummy worms), and played lots of silly kindergarten games.

We also all showed off our star power during karaoke night, we truly have some real rockstars in the Chalutzim unit! It’s amazing how excited these kids are to perform their hearts out.

Along with all the fun, the Chalutzim unit theme is why does being Jewish matters and we have begun to discuss this during our mashehu programming. This includes identifying powerful Jewish leaders, analyzing harmful stereotypes, and using art to depict our relationship with Judaism.

With this, we’ve been taking advantage of all the classic camp activities that truly make camp, camp. We’re swimming in the lake, jumping off the Blob, making wood burnings, tie-dying, lots of sports, and making connections with each other. We’re savoring every moment this summer in Chalutzim, and having the best time doing it!