Kochavim campers have been enjoying incredibly fun programs! Always a favorite, Super Sloppy night was a crazy night of shaving cream, water balloons, and camper v. counselor challenges. The counselors won the obstacle course race, but campers won both the water balloon toss and the painting with no hands contest. In Mini Olympics, each bunk played soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball. Everyone was a winner because we had fun! The campers had a blast playing the sculpture game where each bunk had to work together to make a sculpture, each round with a new category. The catch? Their medium as artists was themselves! Each sculpture was made up of campers molding themselves into art like an octopus and a lawnmower. Another amazing program was a fashion show where the campers were the stylists for their models–the counselors. The kids had creative visions for a frat boy, a VSCO girl, celebrities at the beach, and even an among us imposter. During the program What’s in my Pillowcase, campers each chose one random item to put in a pillowcase with the rest of their bunk. Then, a prompt such as “something Moses would bring the red sea” would inspire each bunk to chose one of their items to be considered as the most fitting. There were so many hilarious items and even funnier explanations; for example, an extension cord won that round!

The Kochavim unit’s theme is K’lal Israel. Our programs center around the connection all Jewish people around the world have because of our connection with G-d. We created YOU-tensils by decorating forks to practice how to outwardly represent ourselves. We are all created b’tzelem eloheim, in the image of G-d, but we also chose how to show that to the world. We played a team-building game where campers were challenged to pick up from the ground and eat a lollipop without bending their elbows. Along with some funny pictures, we gained the realization that working independently is not always the best solution; instead, helping out your friends leads to success. Led by the Mental Emotional Social Spiritual Health team, the campers discussed self-care and even made a lava lamp sort of toy to help calm down. We learned lots of new songs with Drew (a song leader) and Charlie (the musical guest). Charlie also talked to us about his experience as a blind person and how to interact with disabled people. The campers asked a lot of insightful questions and prompted important conversations. Once bunk pods broke into unit pods, we reintroduced ourselves by sharing our memories of experiencing kavod (kindness). During our Mitzvah Mashehu, we learned that we are commanded to not harm animals. To fulfill this obligation, we partnered with Bosely’s Place to make blankets for orphaned dogs waiting to be adopted. Overall, Kochavim has learned about Jewish values, squired important skills, and made so many fun memories with new friends.