Whew! It’s been a wild week for Tsofim , and the session is only just getting started. We’ve done so many activities, from circus arts to Krav Maga. So far, one of our favorite evening programs has been Olympics night. We all represented different countries and participated in sports against other cabins in Tsofim. Our first Shabbat as a unit was incredible, and we all had a blast at song session. The next day, we had mandatory optionals, where we were able to sign up for activities as cabins. Now it’s time to go to video, where we will film skits for Friday Night Live, our weekly show. See you guys later!

This session, our unit theme is care for ourselves, our family, and our community. In mashehu, we’ve done a variety of programs to learn more about what this means. We wrote letters to ourselves to remind ourselves of our accomplishments and also shared stories of acts of compassion. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves, and self-care is important. By learning more about our peers, we’ve been able to discover how much we all have in common. As a community, Tsofim has grown closer and more compassionate towards each other.