The first few days in Kochavim have been absolutely fantastic! We have been filled with excitement and energy as we dove headfirst into a ton of fun programs. One of the highlights was our very own version of “Dancing with the Stars,” where we showcased our hidden dance talents and grooved to the rhythm of various dance styles. The campers and staff had a blast dancing all night!

In addition to our dance extravaganza, we also had the opportunity to learn new cheers that ignited our unit spirit. Cheering together around camp has been something truly special to watch, as each camper shows their passion for camp!

Not only did Kochavim reconnect with old friends, but we also made countless new ones in the first few days. Everyone has had the opportunity to meet the rest of the friends in our unit, and the community in Kochavim is stronger than ever.

Looking ahead, we are excited for everything that we will do during this session, including activities at the Minsky, our arts and crafts haven. From Metals to Ceramics, the creative juices are flowing through the campers. While the campers are at sports, they compete in basketball, GaGa, and other fun athletic events. We can already picture the energetic moments on the lower athletic field, cheering on our fellow campers throughout the session.

As we settle into the session and get ready to have the summer of our lives, campers are excited to send letters home, sharing what they have enjoyed about camp so far!

Written by Tatum Gordon (Kochavim Counselor)