We are so excited to be here! We are exploring our role as stars (Kochavim) in the Camp Coleman community. Our first couple of days have been a blast! We’ve gone to many different activities including arts and crafts, sports, and the ropes course. Every day we are trying something new.

Our unit activities have been very enjoyable. We enjoyed a “Tic Tac Toe Scavenger Hunt” for our evening program. We visited different spots in camp and completed various activities like a group high five to fill out our tic tac toe board. In LaB, we explored the four Coleman values and how they must maintain a balance in our community by adding different ingredients to a beaker.

In the coming week, we are looking forward to swimming in the lake, Shabbat, Song Session, and Mandatory Optionals.

Written by Hailey Hinchliffe (Kochavim Counselor)