Taste of Coleman Session 2 is off to a GREAT START! We have met new friends, learned about what makes camp special, and even spent a whole day being the only kids at camp! While every other unit was on their trip, Taste of Coleman had camp to themselves. We played lots of Gaga, built scenes out of Legos, and did Water Play on the LAF. We’ve spent time creating bead bracelets, playing with the camp goats, and even swimming in the Lake!

Our kiddos were so excited last night to do Tie-Dye and make s’mores at our campfire. Hillside 2 has celebrated Jewish Holidays in Israeli Scouts, hung out on the Warrior Course, and made beautiful pieces of artwork in Metals. Fireside 9A has been all over camp at the Ropes Course, Arts & Crafts and at the creek for Nature. The whole unit participated in Super Sloppy Night and can’t wait to have our Pool Party tonight! We are loving camp and don’t want to leave tomorrow!!

Written by Naomi Litwak (Taste of Coleman Unit Head)