Hello Coleman Family! Our favorite mountain “home away from home” is getting ready to settle in for her winter hibernation. Our facilities team, comprised of Adam Griff, Associate Director, Carlos Hester, Head of Facilities, Evan Reiss, facilities chair of the Camp Committee, and Todd Gordon, immediate past Camp Committee Chair, are busy making sure she will wake up after her nap more beautiful than ever. A large part of Camp Coleman’s “beauty nap” is the work being done to Save the Brody. This is where the project currently stands: 

The erosion mitigation portion of the project is ready to begin. A contractor was selected, and work has begun!   

Repairing the clearstory (the upper section where the plaques hang) will be one of the most time-consuming portions of the project. Before any work can begin on the clearstory, the Mac plaques must be removed from the walls. We are in the process of consulting with contractors and vendors to determine the best and most cost-effective product to use to renovate this portion of the building. Also, while the plaques are off the walls, we will give them some TLC. 

Our facilities team has chosen the material that will be used to resurface the basketball court. They are in the process of receiving bids. We expect a vendor to be chosen by January 2024. The new court cannot be installed until the repairs to the clearstory are completed.  

Our facilities team, along with our architect, have determined the style of benches that will be installed around the perimeter of the new court. Installation of the benches will take place after the installation of the new basketball court. At that time, we will also install the name plates recognizing the amazing donors who dedicated a bench.  If you would like more information about how your family’s name can be on one of the new benches, please contact Jennifer Siegal-Miller, our Director of Development jsiegal-miller@urj.org. 

New protective wraps for the iron support posts and mesh netting around the perimeter of the Brody will be installed at the same time as the new benches.  

We are excited to see the progress over the next six months. Keep an eye on social media for photos! These renovations and improvements will help ensure that the Brody remains an iconic Camp Coleman fixture for years to come.  

In other exciting facilities news, Camp Coleman will enter a master planning process in 2024. Through this process, we will create a plan to ensure that our overall camp facilities align with our Coleman mission, vision, and values. The Brody stage is a valuable multi-use space. To ensure that any modifications done to this space allow it to be used to its greatest potential and that your donated dollars are used wisely, we are putting alterations to the Brody stage on pause until the completion of the planning process. All Brody-biah funds will remain in the restricted, Capital Fund and will not be used for any alternate capital projects.  

Thank you all again for your generous support of Brody-biah, and your incredible efforts to SAVE THE BRODY!!  If you would like to contribute to this important project there is still time!