Bonim is our youngest unit here at camp. We have four values that we focus on: respect, community, kindness, and peace. We make sure to teach our campers these values so they can use them not only at camp but also outside of Coleman. These values foster friendship, resolutions, and fun, and like our campers, we like to focus on the little things in life.

At camp, we offer many activities for the kids. We pay attention to what each child likes and encourage them to try everything at least once while also allowing them to enjoy their favorite activities. Our goal is to give our campers the best summer experience. We have swimming in our lake/pool, archery, rock climbing, drama, warrior course, arts and crafts, science, and much more. We hope our activities help our kids discover what they like and get to know themselves better.

One of our most exhilarating activities is Bonim Buddies, where one or two Bonim campers are paired with a Chalutzim camper (our oldest unit) to engage in various field games such as a beanbag toss, sponge passing, and an obstacle course. These challenges facilitate a strong bond between the two units, who continue to visit each other during mealtimes. As a counselor, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been asked, “Can I go see my Chalutzim buddy?” by my campers, who truly love the interaction. Overall, Bonim Buddies was so much fun, and these bonds will last a lifetime.

As for future activities, there are loads of fun programs yet to come, including Super Sloppy Night, where the campers partake in very messy and fun games with shaving cream and water. Other notable programs include Mini Mac, where campers experience a taste of the real Maccabiah (color war) through different games and competitions. Finally, there will also be other fun events, such as a pool party and campfire circles, where not only will s’mores be made but memories as well.