Our Kochavim shooting stars are having a blast as they finish up their first week at camp! They have been making new friends, participating in fun activities, and learning more about their Jewish identities. Every day presents new and exciting opportunities for them to explore a variety of activities and learn new things.

In LaB, the campers have enriched their Jewish heritage by learning about Coleman’s four values: Shalom, Kavod, Kehillah, and Chesed (Peace, Respect, Community, and Kindness). Through a combination of songs, scientific labs, fun games, and discussions, we explore various aspects of Judaism.


Meanwhile, some of the kids have challenged themselves physically and mentally in activities around camp such as the warrior course. Kids have made it up the 8 ft and 10 ft warped walls and are trying to make it up the 12 ft wall as well (some of them are pretty close). In campscape, the kids have been playing with the goats and chickens and learning about the herbs in the garden.

After a long day, we finish off with a fun evening program that will create memories to last a lifetime. Once that is completed, we do a small siyum service as we head back to the cabins for the night. Ultimately, the first few days have made it clear that it is going to be an amazing summer for each and every camper!