AC Team: Mia Oklin, Jacob Schwartz, & Gal Kafzan

Red Team Captains: Hannah Fassberg, Blair Berenson, Yoav Greenshtein

Blue Team Captains: Rae Myers, Evyatar Bar-On, Hannah Louise Day



Arrrghh yee mateys! Camp Coleman has magically been transported into the swashbuckling world of Pirates of the Caribbean! Captain Blackbeard’s crew has mysteriously found a mystical treasure map that leads to “The Treasure”: A hidden chest of coins that represent the different jewish values/characteristics that make up each and every one of us (B’tzelem Elohim: Individuality)! Whilst trying to find the captain, Jack Sparrow overhears their plans. Blackbeard and Sparrow selfishly seek to find the treasure for themselves, believing that the coins they’ll obtain will help make them “stronger,” “more powerful,” and “cunning,” forgetting the jewish values that truly matter! Through their selfishness and ignorance, the map is split into several pieces! Both captains call upon Camp Coleman to split into two crews…the Red Sparrows and Blue Blackbeards…in order to retrieve the missing pieces of the map and find the treasure! The two crews embark on an epic quest to discover the final pieces of the map, however each captain slowly realizes they must use the teachings of Achva (Companionship), V’ahavata l’reacha komucha (Treating others the way you want to be treated), and Lomed M’kol Adam (Open Mindedness) in order to find the treasure! They must combine the missing pieces and work collectively for the same goal: Sharing the jewish values that make us who we are!




Achva: Companionship

  • Achva is shown by how Sparrow and Blackbeard must work together in order to find the treasure. At first, both captains are noncooperative and determined to finish the quest all on their own. This proves to be unsuccessful. Companionship is essential.They must rely on one another to find the missing map pieces, which will help build stronger relationships and their ability to work collaboratively. Companionship helps foster a deeper sense of belonging and teamwork, which are essential in this MAC, at camp, and beyond.  It is so important, especially today where antisemitism is extremely prevalent, that we are able to strengthen the unity amongst Coleman. By valuing companionship, campers will learn that true strength and success come from working together and supporting one another, embodying the Jewish values that the treasure represents.


B’tzelem Elohim: Individuality

  • The treasure is the embodiment of B’tzelem Elohim. The coins in the chest symbolizes the diverse Jewish values and characteristics that make up each and every camper. Sparrow and Blackbeard originally have a skewed perception of what the treasure represents. They believed the coins inside would grant them unrivaled might and dominance. However, the true essence of the chest is far more profound. The real treasure lies in embracing and nurturing these values, fostering personal growth as opposed to mere physical or strategic power. This value tells us that we are all made in the likeness of God. Although we may have different traits and values that make us different, our jewish identities and relationship with God connects us all. We must embrace our individuality and identity. Even in these scary times, we should be proud of who we are.


V’ahavata l’reacha kamucha: Treating others the way you want to be treated

  • Both captains use V’ahavata l’reacha kamucha in order to work together to find the treasure. Blackbeard and Sparrow constantly bicker/fight and have a lack of mutual respect for one another. Each captain believes he’s better than the other and most deserving of the treasure. However, as both crews search for the map pieces, they learn that only by treating each other with kindness and respect can they successfully find the treasure. This journey teaches them that true strength lies not in power, but in empathy and cooperation, embodying the value of V’ahavata l’reacha komucha.

Lomed M’kol Adam: Open Mindedness 

  • Whilst on their quest for personal growth and the missing map pieces, both captains utilize Lomed M’kol Adam in order to figure out different ways in which they can recover the rest of the map. There are always multiple solutions to any one given problem. Blackbeard’s and Sparrow’s ignorance of hearing the other side out caused the map to break in the first place! Open-mindness emphasizes the importance of being receptive to different perspectives and ideas. Blackbeard and Sparrow were initially closed off and constantly at odds, each believing that their way is the only path to the treasure. However, as the story of the MAC continues, we soon see the captain’s become more considerate of each other’s viewpoints. 
  • There is always something new to explore and learn about one another. We want our campers to truly understand that we should seek out new ideas and experiences rather than just rely on what feels normal or familiar!